We are a developer, producer and distributor of wholesome and declisous shelf-stable, frozen and flavorful ready-to-eat foods

Premium Quality Foods

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Who We Are

At Premier Food USA™, our mission is the dedication to delivering healthy and tasty premium quality foods to the consumers by using technology and science of flavor and texture. Our Philosophy is to adhere to the highest ethical conduct in business and to treat our customers and employees with dignity and respect. Our goals are to share our profits with philanthropic endeavors and to create jobs while acting in a socially responsible manner.

What We Offer


Our shelf-stable products offer long life and lasting quality. With many options available, we're sure to have something you're in need of.


With our freeze/thaw stability technology, our products deliver high yields and are cost-effective.

Commercial Use

We offer our products for commercial use to fit your industry at a competitive cost.