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Our Company

We are developers, producers and distributors of unique and flavorful ready-to-eat, frozen, shelf-stable foods for you home and commercial use. Premier Food USA was established in 2012 based in Somerset, NJ USA. We are a developer, producer and distributor of unique frozen, shelf-stable and flavorful ready-to-eat foods. Our consumer products are developed using a unique combination of ingredients that utilizes the latest food technologies, consumer trends, industry insight, culinary expertise, and processing experience.

At Premier Food USA, we advance in the delivery of innovative food products through the application of modern day technologies and resources. We develop, improve and distribute premium finished products and dry ingredient systems for domestic and international markets.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering healthy and tasty premium food products to consumers by using technology and the science of flavor and texture. Our philosophy is to adhere to the highest ethical conduct in business and treat our customers and employees with dignity and respect.

Our goals are to share our profits with philanthropic endeavors and to create jobs while acting in a socially responsible manner.

Our Brands

K Chef | Premier Food USA

Introduces some of the popular Korean dishes in a ready-to-eat format and are microwavable. This gives the consumer a culturally rich food experience while being at the comfort of their own home.

SouChef | Premier Food USA

Delivers a multitude of ingredient solutions to the food service industry, providing better quality foods while creating process efficiency and reducing overall cost.

Premier Food USA

Premier Series provides an increase in product quality while reducing the flow and cost of manufacturing. Product categories that are offered include but are not limited to unique premixed ingredient blends, flavorful and functional marinade bases, as well as seasoning powders.

Research & Development

Premier Food USA’s state-of-the-art research and development facility includes a full application laboratory, a test kitchen and a tasting room. This allows us to implement various food ingredient solutions and work closely with clients to rapidly create new products. We have developed recipes for both domestic and international markets.

Our experienced team of food scientists and research Chefs collaborate to develop ingredient systems that are used by carefully selected contract manufactures to produce various types of finished food products. These products include but are not limited to frozen foods, shelf-stable products, ready-to-use liquid marinades and dry ingredient systems that are both easy to use and functional.

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