Our Company

Company Overview

Premier Food USA (PFU) was established in 2012 and is located in Somerset, NJ USA. PFU is a developer, producer and distributor of unique frozen, shelf-stable and flavorful ready-to-eat foods. Our consumer products are developed using a creative combination of ingredients utilizing the latest technology, industry insight, culinary expertise, and processing experience.

PFU advances in the delivery of innovative food products through the application of modern day technologies and resources. We develop, improve and distribute finished premium products and dry ingredient systems for domestic and international markets.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to delivering healthy and tasty premium food products to consumers by using technology and the science of flavor and texture. Our philosophy is to adhere to the highest ethical conduct in business and treat our customers and employees with dignity and respect.

Our goals are to share our profits with philanthropic endeavors and to create jobs while acting in a socially responsible manner.